About Us

Desiging your dreams and making it happen is Our Thing ! OH Concepts is Istanbul -based interior design office providing comprehensive interior design solutions to clients seeking efficient and reliable design and execution services. Founded in 2015 by Osman&Melisa Arslan, Our multi service firm has been delivering high-quality and value-based services to our diverse client base since then, Starting with the design process and ending with delivering spaces that are visually appealing, highly functional and durable. Together with our professional and committed team’s approach towards design and structure. Our team includes a mix of designers and creative talent who are firmly committed to the success of every project.

Our Design Philosophy

Weather its an apartment,store,Office or any other interior , We believe that every Project has a unique soul, just as special as each client, and it’s our job to reflect that personality through space planning, material selection, furniture & décor. Interior design sets the stage for our clients goals. We also believe that Design is a set of tools, not a standardized process Every project presents its own unique set of characteristics, as such there is no one-size-fits-all process for coming to the best solution. The art of design is about having a diverse set of tools and approaches, and determining when to apply each




At OH Concepts we value delivering on what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it. When we can’t deliver on our promise, we notify all interested parties and we commit to a new promise. Honesty is at the core of how we operate.



Creativity is at the core of our work, it’s the essence of who we are and what we do. Creativity is the reason why we’ve come together as a team and it’s the language that binds us together. At OH Concepts, our process encourages creativity rather than imitation.



It’s in everything we do. We collaborate within our team, with our clients, and with all of our trades and suppliers. Everybody’s ideas count. Everybody has a voice.



At OH Concepts we strive for excellence and we pride ourselves on quality. We emphasize great craftsmanship right from the early stages of design to completion of a project.



We are constantly evolving and attempting to push the boundaries in our Interior Design practice.
Our appetite for learning is the engine behind both our personal and company growth.